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The way suppliers are expected to do business with Walmart is constantly changing. From the growth of Walmart Connect to OTIF and SQEP, to the rapid rise of Walmart Luminate as the likely replacement to DSS, the changes are many and significant. One thing that’s constant is the expectation that supplier partners learn quickly and apply new processes to help their business grow. The High Impact team is ready to guide you through these changes. We help you adapt and get the most out of Walmart’s new capabilities through consulting, reporting, team augmentation and training.


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Walmart Luminate


Shopper Behavior

Channel Performance

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WM Luminate Channel Performance

Cut through the chaos and be equipped with all the skills you need to excel in implementing Walmart Luminate into your business. Use it to drive sales in new, data-driven ways. Empower your team to move forward with confidence with custom plans built around your specific needs.


WM Luminate Shopper Behavior

The type of data that is available through Walmart Luminate's Shopper Behavior is completely new to the Walmart supplier community and will be critical to growing your business at Walmart. Upskilling your analysts and managers from POS centric data to category wide transaction data and how it can be used to drive your business will be critical to maximizing the Walmart Luminate investment and prepare you to compete on a new level at shelf and on


Item Creation / Item Page Content Management

The 1Worldsync and Item 360 platforms are great tools to allow you to quickly and smoothly get your items built and posted with great content, but a lack of understanding navigating through the systems could be the reason your item misses a modular reset. Our experts can guide you through all of the various challenges and nuances to be able to get your items built and selling in as short a time as possible.


Deduction management

Walmart’s deduction and A/P programs can be very challenging for suppliers to navigate. Our partners at STAT Recovery are the best in the business at recapturing your deduction dollars and equipping you to prevent deductions in the first place with tools such as their deduction portal, consultation for preventing deductions, and proprietary technology that supports reclaiming old deductions.


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