New E-Mobility Supplier


E-mobility supplier with 1 item in 500 stores in the fall of 2019 looking to grow with Walmart.


An e-mobility supplier approached High Impact for help growing their brand at Walmart. They had a strong online presence, but this was their first experience launching a product in Walmart stores. They needed a partner who could help them navigate the Walmart ecosystem and had experience seeing a supplier through every step of the process – from completing the vendor agreement and setting up items, to developing a strategic plan. We helped with factory setup, forecasting,  supply chain management, and provided detailed reporting that would monitor in-stocks, OTIF, and more.


The supplier’s product, price, and distribution was solid. Their main challenge was navigating how to be a successful partner with Walmart. It can be overwhelming trying to understand a new system and everything that Walmart merchants expect suppliers to know. We created a partnership where we collaborate and serve an extension of their team with Walmart. We serve as their Walmart experts so that they can be the product experts. 


In four years, the supplier went from having one item on the shelf in 500 stores to having six items with 22,000 points of distribution. Sales grew from $4MM to $35MM annually and they are now a strategic partner in Walmart’s e-mobility space. 

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