The tools you need to thrive at Walmart & Sam’s Club.

Right Technology Leads to Right Decisions

You’ve seen how the role of technology in retail decision making is becoming increasingly vital. With growing access to shopper, supply chain and omni-channel sales data, your competitors and retail partners are adapting faster than ever before. Speed is essential and lack of decisive action could leave your business lagging behind.

High Impact provides a curated and customizable suite of technology solutions designed specifically for your team and the categories you play in. You will be equipped to rapidly leverage every source of data from Walmart to make the right decisions and recommendations at the speed of retail.


Walmart Luminate Integration

Custom Reporting & Dashboards

Database Management & Data ETL

Alerts & Recaps

Modern Tech Stack


Custom Integrations

Automated Access to Reporting


Simple “Easy to Decide” Tools

Our tools help you leverage the vast data available to you in simple and time-effective ways. It’s easy to get bogged down with confusing and difficult-to-navigate systems that Walmart and Sam’s Club share with Suppliers. We help you cut through the noise and get insights that will impact your business.


Comprehensive Insights

You’ve seen that having a lot of data is very different from using data well. Using advanced analytics and data science, our tools and analysts provide you with a comprehensive understanding of your business, the good, the bad and the opportunities at scale.


Stay Ahead of Change

With new capabilities from Walmart Luminate and Sam’s Madrid 2.0, the old ways of “pulling data” are not sufficient. We’ve developed scaled data management tools for cleansing, aggregation, quality control, and deployment to help you get to value faster. We’re constantly studying changes and updating code to free you from the chaos of the transition from DSS to Walmart Luminate.


Deduction Management

One of the most significant drains to profitability for Suppliers are unwarranted deductions. We help you trace fees through data to ensure you don’t overpay, or if you have overpaid, effectively win back overages. Our deep partnership with STAT Recovery is the best in the industry and often results in finding incremental recovery dollars after competitors complete their searches.


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