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Insights To Action

We translate data into meaningful insights and actions that help you deliver sustainable category growth through retail analytics and category management.

Use Data to Make Better Decisions

The retail landscape is changing at record pace and shopper demands are growing like never before. Only manufacturers that embrace this change and leverage information will win. We help our clients utilize all available sales and shopper data to uncover insights and make better decisions to bring to their retailers with actionable recommendations to drive sustained category growth.


Walmart Luminate

Loyalty Card


Assortment Gaps

Syndicated Panel

Expansion Opportunities

Clustering Opportunities

Operational Effeciencies

New Product Launch

Online Opportunities

Pre/Post Mod Performance and Analysis

JBP Planning

Line Review Prep

Growth Consulting & Strategic Planning

White Space Opportunities




Sales Insights

The amount of available data is growing every day and the ability to harness that data is becoming increasingly more challenging. Are you struggling to sift through all the data to find the opportunities and more importantly develop an actionable plan to present to your retailer? High Impact can help you navigate this with expertise in POS Data (retailer-specific, syndicated POS, IRI, Nielson, NPD, Spins) and Shopper (Walmart Luminate, Syndicated Panel, Numerator, Loyalty Card).


Modular/Planogram Optimization & Recommendations

The space on shelves in stores is becoming increasingly valuable and harder to defend. High Impact uses all available data and our state-of-the-art technology and tools to help identify potential category growth opportunities. Similarly, we look at the much more complex endless shelf online and help optimize and prioritize. Some of the major areas we target include assortment gaps, expansion opportunities, clustering opportunities, operational efficiencies, new product launches, online opportunities, pre/post-mod performance, and analysis.



High Impact takes pride in creating a partnership and taking ownership in the success and growth of your business. With our vast experience in a wide range of areas, we can provide the guidance you need in a variety of ways that include JBP planning, line review preparation, growth opportunities, white space opportunities, and innovation.


Retail Analytics

High Impact specializes in using the most state-of-the-art technology and tools to deliver insightful reporting and dashboards, along with analyst recaps and actionable insights, to stay ahead of what is happening in the business in order to make better decisions with data. Each week you will receive an email containing the complete narrative of your business without having to open a single attachment.



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