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Insights To Action

Translating data into meaningful insights and actions that help you deliver sustainable category growth through retail analytics and category management.

Use Data to Make Better Decisions

The retail landscape is changing at record pace and shopper demands are growing like never before. Only manufacturers that embrace this change and leverage information will win. We help our clients utilize all available sales and shopper data to uncover insights and make better decisions to bring to their retailers with actionable recommendations to drive sustained category growth.


Loyalty Card


Assortment Gaps

Syndicated Panel

Expansion Opportunities

Clustering Opportunities

Operational Effeciencies

New Product Launch

Online Opportunities

Pre/Post Planogram Performance and Analysis

JBP Planning

Line Review Prep

Growth Consulting & Strategic Planning

White Space Opportunities



Sales Insights

The amount of available data is growing every day and the ability to harness that data is becoming increasingly more challenging. Are you struggling to sift through all the data to find the opportunities and more importantly develop an actionable plan to present to your retailer? High Impact can help you navigate this with expertise in POS Data (retailer-specific, syndicated POS, IRI, Nielson, NPD, Spins) and Shopper (Syndicated Panel, Numerator, Loyalty Card).


Modular/Planogram Optimization & Recommendations

The space on shelves in stores is becoming increasingly valuable and harder to defend. High Impact uses all available data and our state-of-the-art technology and tools to help identify potential category growth opportunities. Similarly, we look at the much more complex endless shelf online and help optimize and prioritize. Some of the major areas we target include assortment gaps, expansion opportunities, clustering opportunities, operational efficiencies, new product launches, online opportunities, pre/post-mod performance, and analysis.



High Impact takes pride in creating a partnership and taking ownership in the success and growth of your business. With our vast experience in a wide range of areas, we can provide the guidance you need in a variety of ways that include JBP planning, line review preparation, growth opportunities, white space opportunities, and innovation.


Retail Analytics

High Impact specializes in using the most state-of-the-art technology and tools to deliver insightful reporting and dashboards, along with analyst recaps and actionable insights, to stay ahead of what is happening in the business in order to make better decisions with data. Each week you will receive an email containing the complete narrative of your business without having to open a single attachment.



“High Impact has been extremely collaborative when it comes to building dashboards in Pharos that help us quickly get insights into our performance at Walmart. A picture is worth a thousand words, and the dynamic visualization of our data has sped up our analysis and allowed us to quickly speak to and illustrate data, which allows us to truly move at the speed of business.”

Laura Rowland - B&G Foods

“Pharos by High Impact provides us the ability to view levels of detail that we wouldn’t otherwise be able to get. It has been instrumental in helping us grow through a data driven approach. The team at High Impact are key to our merchants and management.”

Eli Tobias - Fit For Life

“Pharos is amazing at my desk and on the go. Mostly the new dashboards have been most helpful on the go… It’s tough navigating files on an iPhone when you are trying to find out instocks quickly… being able to click the links and have the data available so quickly and easy to navigate is priceless!”

Andrew Mull - Flybar

Common Questions

What is Pharos?

Pharos is a Retail Analytics Suite and visibility tool grounded in Walmart Luminate allowing you to save time, increase effectiveness, and help you get to your decision faster.

How does Pharos work?
  • Basic - Pharos pulls every available metric out of each table and presents them in 1 usable location.
  • Charter - We connect directly to the API feed.
Who is Pharos for? (What roles/positions will use this?)
  • Analysts
  • Category Advisors & Managers
  • Supply Chain & Replenishment
  • Ecommerce

How long does it take to onboard our team to Pharos?
  • Basic - 5 Business days
  • Charter - 30 Business days

Does High Impact provide training and onboarding to Pharos?

Absolutely, our goal is to see your team thrive with Pharos!

Does Pharos work for Basic or Charter?

Both! We have designed Pharos to meet the needs of any Walmart supplier, large, small or just right.

Walmart Luminate Charter has a lot of new data. Does Pharos have reports that use these new metrics?

As a matter of fact, it does. Pharos incorporates nill-pick data, forecast scenarios, modular placement and more, in addition to all of the KPI's you are used to such as sales, growth and instock.

Is Pharos for sales or supply chain?

Both! Pharos was built by analysts for analysts (and sales people). Pharos is designed to facilitate analyzing sales data, forecast and supply chain metrics, logistics/OTIF and omni-channel/ecommerce.

Can I access Pharos from my phone or tablet?

You bet! It is delivered with PoweBi embed. If you can access your email, you can access Pharos.

Can I export this to excel?

Yes! We have data adapters so they can access Spotlight's rich datasets.

Can Pharos send data to our internal systems?

Yes! It’s your data, we make it as easy as possible to access it where you want!

How fast and current is the data in Pharos?

Both Basic and Charter can be updated daily - within a few hours of when the actual data is refreshed.

Can Pharos help me connect multiple tables in Basic?

Actually Yes! It's one of our favorite features. We call it the Ad-Hoc builder!

Can Pharos help me with my .com Business even if I'm using Basic?

Yes! It uses multiple data points to build the best possible overview of not only sales, but also content score and item quality!

Can I integrate my planogram data in Pharos?

More to come!

For our users that prefer Excel, Tableau, and Power BI, can they use those with Pharos?

Pharos is build on a Power BI infrastructure. Almost every chart, metric, or visual is exportable to Excel!

More to come on Tableau!

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