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Helping You Thrive at Retail.

A Full Service Retail Agency Specializing Omni-Channel Solutions

Retail Is Changing Quickly.

Brick and mortar has become omni-channel, Excel spreadsheets are moving to data visualization, and retailer expectations are higher than ever. Opportunities to experience the full power of the world's largest retailers don’t come along often and the challenge of winning at all levels of retail is the toughest it has ever been. That's why we're here to help.

High Impact is the experienced, nimble, full-service agency with the technology, team of experts, and proven tactics to serve as your guide to success across the Walmart ecosystem. Welcome to the new normal, thriving at retail!


The tools you need to thrive at retail.


Servant leadership-minded experts guiding you to results.


Strategy and experience to thrive at Walmart & Sam’s Club.


Equipping you and your team to make informed decisions.


Why Choose Us?

we take ownership.

In everything we do, we take ownership of the process, the follow up, and the implementation of what needs to be done to win at retail.  Our clients are the category and brand experts, we are the Walmart/Sam’s Club experts.  Together we can accomplish great things.

We strive for excellence.

By cross-training, team member development and maintaining strong relationships with our retail partners, our promise is that we will never stop reaching for the next level in delivering on behalf of our clients.

We put others first.

In everything we do, we recognize that people are what matter.  At High Impact, we do work that matters with the people that we cherish.

we serve selflessly.

We are your dedicated guide to ensure your success.  We selflessly serve our clients by championing their vision to make them the here. Selfless, intentional, and proactive service has and will always be one of the major points of differentiation between High Impact and other firms.

we specialize, not generalize.

We’re specialists, not generalists. This means that when you hire us you get a team that is designed to fill your gaps. Our team is the best at what they do and their experience is unmatched.

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