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When the Sporting Goods Buyer announced a potential delay in the normally scheduled modular reset, our supplier partner approached us for help determining the financial impact this could have.


Since this category revolves around hunting season, sales are highly dependent on weather. Shoppers in certain regions typically look for hunting apparel sooner than others. With the newly proposed modular reset moving to late September, what would the missed sales opportunity be for the supplier and for Walmart?


The High Impact team worked with the supplier to design a climate zone analysis by region for all the stores impacted by this decision. We analyzed the data, incorporated insights, and put together a cohesive presentation that our supplier partner could take directly to Walmart.


The analysis revealed that by only delaying the reset in warmer climates, Walmart could net $1.2MM in sales that would have otherwise been lost. The buyer was aligned to the compelling recommendation. Our supplier built credibility and strengthened their partnership with the merchant team while increasing ships and sales that would have otherwise been lost.

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