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A toy supplier was facing excessive markdowns on end-of-season inventory in the Spring of 2022. The supplier believed the markdown request did not align with the previously agreed upon arrangement. Our supplier partner was struggling to confirm their theory and understand the details of Walmart’s markdown request.


At High Impact, we recognize the value of planning well, executing fully, finishing strong, and evaluating thoroughly so that we can be even better next time. We strive to collaborate with our supplier partners on the front-end to develop accurate forecasts and responsible exit strategies that make sense for both parties.


To better understand the supplier’s challenge, our team used Retail Link data, Walmart’s audit, and the program agreements to complete an extensive markdown analysis. We were able to deliver a comprehensive plan that the supplier could then confidently present to Walmart.


In the end, our supplier partner recovered over $100K in markdown dollars as a result of the analytics and insights presented to Walmart and has continued to grow their partnership with the retailer.

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