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Your business is unique and what you need to succeed is as well. We approach your business with curiosity as we get to know you, your products and identify areas of growth. We then fit you with the right Tactical Plans needed to fill in the gaps and position you for success at Walmart and Sam’s Club.


Analytics & Category Management

Retail Analytics & Insights

Headquarter Sales

Omni-Channel Strategy & Support

Item Creation / Item Page Setup

Logistics Management

Replenishment Leadership

Retail Data and Reporting

Growth Consulting & Strategic Planning

Ecosystem Training & Enablement


Replenishment & Supply Chain Management

If you’ve been susceptible to OTIF fines, wasted time spent trying to fix inventory issues, or lost trust with your customer, you need help with your replenishment. We help your products stay in stock, available, and selling. We do this by collaborating with your team in developing the forecast, planning strategically, creating data-driven recommendations for replenishment managers, and having a high degree of expertise in Walmart and Sam’s Club systems like OTIF, GRS, Transportation Portal, NOVA, and many more.


Account Management

You know being a Walmart buyer is incredibly demanding and requires intense focus, dedication and grit. To succeed, you need to anticipate their needs and proactively pursue growth. Our team of former merchants, category advisors, and CPG professionals work with you to build strategies and plans to grow your brands and their categories. With our full-service agency, we come alongside you every step of the way through product development, positioning, marketing, Walmart Connect planning, merchant engagement, and new item tracking.


Retail Data & Reporting

Data and reporting technology are changing by the day which means if you’re not always up to speed, your ability to recognize opportunities and capitalize on trends will diminish. You need to stay ahead of what is happening in the business in order to make better decisions with data. High Impact specializes in using the latest technology and tools to deliver insightful reporting and dashboards paired with analyst recaps and actionable insights. Each week you will receive an email containing the complete narrative of your business without having to open a single attachment.


Category Management & Awareness

Sometimes your brand’s success depends on the ability to see the bigger picture. This means understanding the challenges and weaknesses of your category. Whether we are representing your brand through account management, navigating voluminous amounts of data, or finding the gap in the category that your brand can serve, our category experts will guide you to understand the category, its shoppers, and how best to capitalize on trends and needs in order to grow your business.


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