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You have the awareness to know you shouldn’t just go for it alone. You’ve heard the stories of Brands getting their shot at the largest stage in retail only to discover how ill- prepared they were. Often these missteps take years to recover if at all. High Impact is here to make sure you have everything you need to thrive. We are an extension of your team that knows and consistently grows with Walmart. We have experts from across nearly every aspect of winning and growing at retail and our “hive mindset” allows the rest of the team to gain insights from each team member's unique skill set and expertise.


Senior Merchants

CPG Sales & Analytics

Replenishment & Supply Chain

Walmart Luminate

Growth Consulting & Strategic Planning

Analytics & Category Management

Shopper Marketing

Syndicated Data and Research


Trend Insights and Category Growth

If your product isn’t growing in market share or driving growth in your category, it’s likely that you’re experiencing multiple issues. We will help you identify your weaknesses and present opportunities for growth. Whether its identifying growth/decline trends and taking action to improve, OTIF and SQEP-related issues, item setup, and item page content management (GDSN, Item 360, 1WorldSync, Syndigo/IDM), or solving problems for deduction management and reclamation. Our team will help you gain a better understanding of Walmart’s systems and expectations.


Instock resulting in Lost Sales

If you are losing sales because of forecasting or replenishment challenges, you need help building up a healthy OTIF. We’ll help you establish a relationship of trust with our colleagues at Walmart to ensure that the right amount of product is in the right place at the right time. We accomplish this by conducting root cause analysis that results in managing Walmart’s GRS and the SMART forecast applications, forecasts, ordering constraints, lead time audits, management of and expertise within the NOVA application, supply plan analysis, transportation-related challenges, and more.


Category Growth Mindset

Getting a meeting to pitch a product is only one of many tactics needed to get a new product on the shelf or website. Merchants want to see that you have a “bigger picture” of the category by bringing innovation and serving the shoppers better. Showing the merchant that your product or brand will bring incremental dollars to their category without just cannibalizing other brands is a key element of your success. We utilize syndicated data, panel data, POS data, and more to create the most compelling selling proposition possible for our clients to succeed.


Strategic Planning

Building a brand is a lot like charting a course on the open sea… if you don’t have a navigation strategy, a map, a compass, or the ability to find coordinates, you’ll easily lose your direction. Whether you are new to mass retail, new to Walmart/Sam’s Club, or revitalizing your brand, High Impact is here to serve as your CPG and senior merchant expert to guide you through the process of accomplishing your goals at the world’s largest retailer. We’ll help you clarify your mission, set attainable goals, and strategize for the growth of your brand and your category.


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