Keys to Building a Successful Omnichannel Business at Walmart

May 8, 2023

The modern shopping experience has changed, and businesses that refuse to adapt are left behind. Walmart, being one of the largest retail companies in the world, has witnessed, adapted, and thrived in this change. As technology and social media has changed the way that shoppers purchase, Walmart has also adapted to meet the increasing demands. Walmart's aggressive omnichannel strategy has given it an advantage over its competitors and has been a key part of its continued success. In this blog post, we will explore a few key pieces of how you can build a successful omnichannel business at Walmart.

Embracing Retail Technology

As a supplier or retail manager, you will want to optimize your processes to make sure your products are available to customers when and where they need them. OTIF, supply chain management, and knowing when to ship new stock is crucial. Retail technology, like inventory management systems and point-of-sale systems, can help streamline your operations and optimize your inventory levels. When put into action and utilized to their full potential, these technologies will effectively manage inventory throughout various sales channels, ensuring that your products always land at the right place, at the right time. Walmart employs some of the best technology solutions in the world, and as such, they are continually driving and inspiring innovation across the entire retail and consumer landscape.

Understand the Power of Mobile Devices

Nowadays, the majority of shopping is done through mobile devices. This trend is expected to increase as research consistently shows that consumers prefer mobile devices over desktop computers. As such, it is imperative that you optimize your inventory and web pages for mobile users. Mobile users are more likely to browse and switch choice as they see fit, so make sure you give them the best experience possible. The convenience of mobile devices has become more and more prevalent as customers can now use them for in-store shopping, online shopping, payments, and promotions. Walmart has invested significantly in its mobile app, providing tools for browsing and shopping, couponing, and saving money too.

Leveraging Analytics For Your Business Strategy

Through analytics, suppliers and retailers can gain insights into shopper behaviors such as what products were purchased, how shoppers navigated through the online store, the amount spent, how the shoppers were directed, and so much more. Equipped with this data, it is possible to improve the customer shopping experience. By using an analytics platform, or perhaps a really well-designed and organized report (brought to you by the team High Impact), you can identify the most profitable ways of reaching customers. Walmart has analytical data that they use to inform product recommendations, customer support strategies, and marketing initiatives. They are also strongly pushing their newest platform, Walmart Luminate. Through leaning on analytics, every supplier can understand its shoppers better and offer them personalized experiences that help drive learning and further development.

Get the Basics Done Right - Price, Shipping, and Customer Support

Walmart is known to price its products very competitively, and that has played a significant role in the company's growth and success. Nowadays, customers are not only demanding low prices but also fast, reliable shipping in addition to excellent customer support. At Walmart, suppliers are expected to provide a range of price competitive products that not only meet the shoppers' needs but also exceed their wants. Suppliers must understand that if they want to compete at the world's largest retailer, they must overdeliver on the shopping experience and provide a holistic product. Walmart is a global brand, and in order for this experience to be successful, global systems and streamlined efficient operations are essential.

Replenishment and Logistics

Keeping the shelves full is the difference between success and failure at Walmart. Order accuracy, maintaining SQEP compliance, OTIF performance, and forecasting correctly are only a handful of important pieces of making sure your replenishment is strong. Additionally, quick problem solving when shipping doesn't go as planned is also a key piece of your success at Walmart.

Sell What the Customer Wants

The last piece of omnichannel success is truly understanding your customer and knowing what is important to them. Understanding their wants, needs, and pain points is crucial to presenting your product as the answer. Once you have this understanding, you can then design the packaging and push the right marketing messages to draw them in. If your product truly speaks to their preferences and validates their reasons for purchase, your analytics will confirm the story of success with excellent sales metrics. The key is developing a product that not only meets the customer's needs, but also drives growth and innovation in the category.

In Summary

In conclusion, building a successful omnichannel business at Walmart goes beyond using different sales channels but involves embracing the customer's experience through retail technology, mobile devices, analytics, low costs, fast shipping, and excellent customer support. By investing your time, money, and energy into these six areas, you can take your business to the next level and reap the rewards that come with it. Walmart is a brand that has been built to understand the consumer, their needs, and their desires. As a concession and supplier, it is imperative to capitalize on this learning, innovative, and reliable model to promote your own business strategies and practices. So, get started today, and see your business soar to greater heights!

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