Tammy Taylor

Senior Analyst, Sales / Replenishment

Tammy joined the High Impact team in Dec of 2021 as a Business Analyst. She brings a combined experience of 30yrs of retail experience that includes Walmart, Sam’s, Target, and several CPG customers. She started her retail career at Walmart where she spent time in Walmart Stores, ISD, Merchandising, and Operations.

After her 13yrs at Walmart, she transitioned to working in CPG specializing in Replenishment & Planning where she spent the next 20 years. During that time, she worked with multiple CPG accounts including Scholastic Books, Haddad Apparel, BRICA/Munchkin, and Philips. Additionally, she was a Sr Replenishment Mgr with Market Performance Group managing clients that included Shea Moisture, Ricola, Omron, Peerless, Nitro, First Act, and Honey Pot.

Tammy lives in Garfield with her husband Robert and their three daughters. They love living in the country and enjoy spending time in the great outdoors with their beloved dogs. Their favorite things to do together is sing, cook, and take family road trips.

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