Ashish Sedai

Analyst, BI Developer

Ashish joined the High Impact team in 2023. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business from Missouri State University's China branch and has earned an MBA and a Master’s in Science of Information Technology from Missouri State, Springfield, Missouri. Originally from Nepal, Ashish spent five years in China for his undergraduate studies. Afterward, he returned to Nepal and initiated a dealership business before moving to the USA for his master's in 2021.

Both academically and professionally, Ashish is keenly interested in data-driven decision-making and digital transformation. Consequently, he finds fulfillment working in the Tech team as a BI developer and data analyst at High Impact. His additional interests in IT/data encompass machine learning, IT strategies, and Enterprise Architecture.

Currently residing in Rogers, AR, Ashish has a deep appreciation for Northwest Arkansas. With a history of living in five countries, he relishes learning about diverse cultures and languages, with plans to travel more in the future. Beyond his professional and academic pursuits, Ashish loves serving at his church, leading community groups, hiking, and engaging in outdoor sports.

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