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A grocery supplier needed a supply chain solution to help them achieve on-time shipments and maintain acceptable in-stock levels.


The supplier was struggling to grow sales, avoid fines, and build a strong partnership with Walmart because of supply chain challenges. The High Impact Team collaborated with the supplier’s internal supply chain team to gain a better understanding of the complexities around shipping prepaid LTL and small parcel. Analysis revealed a huge opportunity to increase in-stock levels if the supplier could improve on-time delivery.   


Our team delivered a lead-time analysis from the supplier’s warehouse to the Walmart distribution centers. Through improved transparency of the factors affecting lead time, the supplier was able to more effectively navigate the order and shipment process.


Our supplier partner experienced a 10% lift in on-time delivery and 500 basis points of in-stock improvement. “You’ve done more for us in two weeks than our previous broker did in the previous two years.” (Supplier Quote)

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